Pai You Guo Slim Capsule and Pai You Guo Tea
  • Function Characteristics
    1.Eliminates body fat from your hips, arms, buttocks and face.
    2.Boost your metabolism, curves your appetite and cuts food cravings.
  • Ingredients
    Konjaku Flour, Oligosaccharide, Malt, Chitin, Dietary Fiber, Tuckahoe, Apple Attraction, Vitamin C (orange & papaya), Vitamin E, Vitamin B2
  • Supplement
    Pai You Guo Capsule: 400mg*30 capsules,1 time/day, 1 capsule/time Pai You Guo Tea:10g *18 packets,1 time/day, 1 pack/time
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Pai You Guo contains Pai You Guo Capsule and Pai You Guo Tea,this amazing product has the natural ingredients that helps heal the body, lose weight and stay slim. It assists in cleansing the body of excess fat that is stored in the body.Experts introduced that, Pai You Guo reduce the weight by discharge of fat rather than diarrhea, there is no diuretics, laxatives etc in the product and it works just by inhibiting the activity of lipase, letting it unable to break down the fat in the food, this prevent the fat source as body can't absorb fat from food, thus enabling user to have slender figure.
Effect of Pai you guo Benefits of Pai you guo

PAI YOU GUO is the new medicine taken mixing with boiling water that has passed state drug and food GMP standard certification. It has effects of discharging grease, reducing fact, smoothing intestines, beatifying skin effects with rapid effect and getting effective in a day, with fruits and multi-vitamin formula and equal nutrition ,it can effectively nourish skin, discharge in grease and slim, with safety and free from toxin ,is a new skin care,slimming healthy food that can treat what is called "bucket waist" and "general big abdomen" and " elephant leg". Take a pill or a pack of tea before or after breakfast will let you have slender body without diet.

Benefits of Pai you guo
How Pai you guo Works

Reduce and Burn Fat
Lower Calorie Intake by Suppressing Appetite
Helps to Prevent Conversion of Carbs and Sugars Into Fat
Speeds up Metabolism

Pai You Guo Slim Capsule and Pai You Guo Tea
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This product has been evaluated by the Good Manufacturing Practice. Normally our customer can get 5-10 lbs loss in a month. Usually it takes 1-3 weeks to see the results.There are many customers have got good effect after taking our product.

I can’t believe it: I lose 4 kg in just one month. pai you guo slim capsule is so amazing! Of course, don’t forget to drink water or fruit juices, which will enhance result to slim and good for the skin.